Reasons You Should Love Your Big Thighs

Positive self-image has always been a struggle for several people. It’s not easy to love your body when various media forms are shoving a picture of a thin, beautiful girl–or a muscular, handsome man–in your face every time you turn on the T.V or pick up a magazine. There are so many magic weight loss diets flooding the media, encouraging you to “lose those extra ten pounds by summer!” People on magazine covers are Photoshopped beyond recognition, and we grow envious of their smooth skin, shiny hair, small waists, and long, lean legs. But in reality, they don’t look like that. No one really does. Beauty isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Beauty is unique. It’s independent. It’s individual.

Embrace your beauty and let it shine.

Loving my big thighs has always been an issue for me. But recently I discovered all of the reasons why they deserve to be loved:

They’re a perfect spot for people to sit.


I mean, look at all this room! And it’s pretty darn awesome to have someone deem you worthy to sit on your lap. And you get to wrap your arms around their waist and snuggle them.

If food falls, there’s a 96% chance your wonderful thighs will catch it.

Also, your phone won’t take a deadly dive into the toilet.

Big thighs usually come hand-in-hand with a killer booty.

Double whammy!

They’re warm and toasty during the winter.


Portable heater! Just stick your frozen hands between them and they’ll be warm in no time.

They’re strong.

My art teacher once told me that thick legs are just like tree trunks taking root. You wouldn’t be able to stand tall without them.

Excellent for headlocks.

Need I say more?

More space for tattoos.


My best friend always reminds me of this when I avoid my legs as tattoo sites. No need to be scared of a tattoo being too big for your legs! (also, thank you for letting me use a picture of your beautiful thigh piece).

They’re beautiful. 

Big or small, pale or tan, dimply or smooth. Our bodies are our own, and each one is beautiful.


-c.j xx


3 thoughts on “Reasons You Should Love Your Big Thighs

  1. If you have thunder thighs then you are definitely not the woman I met tonight at a social place I went to. I imagined for a short while”God’ had our paths cross in a one in a million chance giving me the opportunity to see what you look like. The lady with your name I saw tonight was an incredible beauty (physically). If she had been you, wow what a combination of inner and outer beauty!. But apparently she was not you. I asked her if I knew her and she appeared not to know me so I knew it was not you then as you would have recognized me hat and all. The pic I sent you was one in my hat which I do not wear very often. Just another ramble back at ya! ahahahahha


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