The Beauty of Heroin

She’s back.

I can see her fingerprints all over your body;

Under your eyes,

Around your stomach,

In your voice,

On your arms.

She’s everywhere,

And she’s got a hold on you.

Your eyes are never fully open,

Your voice is always raspy.

She takes you under her sweet, intoxicating embrace

And you let her swallow you whole.

She’s kissed you with death,

And yet it’s not enough for you.

The cravings intensify to unbearable heights

And it becomes routine once again.

You aren’t ready for help;

How can you save someone who doesn’t want saved?

How can you sit and watch them slowly die?

You deny any help.

You don’t want saved.

At least not yet.

Maybe if she kisses you with death a few more times,

You’ll see clearly.

She doesn’t care,

She’ll take you anyway.

She took my friend.

She took you from me and your children.

She’ll take anyone she can get her hands on.

This is the beauty of heroin,

As she sings her sweet lullaby in your ear,

As you nod off to some land where nothing hurts.

She wants you to stay there,

To keep her company.

You’ll only join the millions of lives she’s taken as her own.

I can scream,

I can cry,

I can beg,

But you’ll never listen to me,

While you’re drunk with her.


Heroin overdoses are spreading like wildfire where I live, and it breaks my heart to see so many people lose themselves to this drug. Addiction can touch anyone. It has no preference.


-c.j xx


3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Heroin

  1. This is very true ! I would share but I haven’t found out how to. With heroin being a part of the pain I go through because my mother and has and actually are in recovery ! But that’s an addiction someone will fight for the rest of their lives. So sad when one uses everyone who cares for them gets damaged and the addicts have no remorse because they have that kiss that they chase.. I prey for the high the sober to be strong and keep straight it will be so worth it. With me never being an addict one thing I have learned is I do not understand alot of the stages and daily struggles with addiction but I have slept next to an addict for a long time and as sad as it is I think it’s over I have tried to stand beside him through it all and it’s starting to bring me down. He went to jail (detoxed) in jail. Then his mother got him out about a month into his recovery. He went to a program for two appointments , they told him he had to stop weed for 6 weeks and he wouldn’t he kept saying they were trying to do give him the known suboxons he’s didnt want them so he ended up quiting the program and has been jobless, and very hopeless. I have tried all i could do. Its so sad this man i have loved for 10 years i have known him before the heroin ever came and destroyed his life what he did have. He dropped out of school and has been selling drugs to get By for years .. On probation 2nd time on the same charge 😞 . It’s very frustrating. When many do not understand why i waste my time i just question do they understand the pain this causes me to see the guy i love so down and out and living an addicts life. I tried everything in my power to save our relationships but after 9 long years of loving this man unconditionally after so much i probably shouldn’t have loved him but i did; it’s all coming to an end because this addiction and recovery is sending him to his own death or jail; unless he makes some choices with his life and i mean fast! I just wanted to say i understand this article and it hit home with me in very many different ways then one. I’m sorry for the sorrow heroin has brought into your life as well (CJ) -For all the ones effected with this disease.. Rip to the many people who aren’t strong enough.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing ❤ I'm sincerely sorry for the heartache you have to go through because of this horrible addiction. Maybe one day things will look brighter and the people suffering will realize that we need them in our lives


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