The Art of Being Stuck

Nothing in life is guaranteed. That’s one lesson I’ve learned in my short almost-twenty-two years.

I can accept that things change and you’re sometimes forced to grow and try new things. But what I have a really hard time accepting is being stuck.

It’s like running in a maze, and as soon as you find a straight path that leads to the blinding sunlight, you’re suddenly brought to an abrupt halt by a wall. You can see the light peeking above the wall, but you just don’t know how to get there. There’s no clear sign on what to do next, and you’re left running in circles.

A lot of things can happen in this small space:

Loss of passion

Loss of hope





They come in waves and haunt you, lingering like a ghost. You begin to question everything and wonder if you’ll ever get past this wall. Life seems robotic and lacks anything interesting.

Although you may be stuck, you can find comfort in this small space (that won’t last forever).

Here are some ways to make being stuck a little easier.

  1. Find beauty in the space around you, no matter how small
  2. Learn to thrive in this space. It’s all yours
  3. Welcome visitors and learn from them
  4. Don’t be afraid to talk to yourself
  5. Think about what you really want, and possible ways to get it. Then take small steps
  6. Reflect on your past: what did you love back then? What gave you passion? What inspired you? Sometimes we forget why we started
  7. Don’t be afraid of the rain. We all need cleansing
  8. Take this time for yourself. Re-invent yourself. Taking a new path sometimes forces us to become someone slightly different from who we were
  9. Embrace the darkness. There will be times when it comes back, and you’ll need to know how to be okay in it
  10. Realize that you won’t be in this place forever

You’ll see the light again.

You’ll stand on your own again.

You’ll find passion again.

You’ll be happy again.

Although being stuck is terrifying and seemingly endless, it doesn’t last forever.


-c.j xx

Have you ever felt stuck? How did you deal with it?


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