The Struggles of a Perpetually Shy Girl

Being shy comes with a lot of struggles. For example, you prefer Netflix over people. And dates with your stuffed animals than with a boy. Should you try going out or just stay inside and eat all the ice cream you own? It’s a hard life. Especially in college when everyone is overly social and you’re still struggling to decide if you should sit near the window or the door in lecture. While everyone is laughing with the person next to them, you’re praying no one sits in the empty seat next to you.

Here’s a few of the struggles that plague shy girls.

When people try to get you to come out with them 


I’m not leaving my bed, sorry not sorry. Not today.

Constantly hearing, “You’re so quiet! Why don’t you talk more?”


If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I could pay off my college debt.

Meeting big groups of people at once


And out comes the anxiety and the want to run back into my bed and hide forever.

Not being able to find your size in your favorite jeans, but too scared to ask for the associate’s help


Screw this, maybe they’ll have them next week. 

When the teacher asks for everyone to stand up, say their name and something interesting about themselves


Please, no. There’s nothing interesting about me. Unless you count the fact that I can watch an entire season of Supernatural in one day. 

When someone you don’t know compliments you and you don’t know what to do


Thank you, kind person. *awkwardly and quickly shuffles away*

“Hey, you wanna go to this party tonight?”


Loud music? Drunk people I don’t know? No, thanks. I’ll stay home with my fuzzy blanket and mac and cheese.

When you’re by yourself in an unfamiliar place


I really hope no one tries to talk to me. 

When you talk and someone thinks it’s funny to say, “Oh my god! You can speak!”


Wow! Who knew? 

“Hey, sorry, but I can’t make it. Can we reschedule?”


The best moment ever. *dives back into bed and opens Netflix*

“You just have to talk more and get out of your comfort zone! Then you won’t be shy anymore :)”


How about I drop you off a cliff? Then you won’t be scared of heights anymore.

All in all, embrace your shyness! Don’t change who you are for others.


-c.j xx


One thought on “The Struggles of a Perpetually Shy Girl

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